Monday, August 8, 2022
Volume 129, Number 209

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Bid Advertisements

Print July 28, 2022 Bid Advertisements
This bid is designated as an electronic bid per CMC 321-24. The bid will NOT be read publicly. No hard copies of bids will be accepted. Bidders must submit bids electronically through the City’s Vendor Self Service website. Bidders must be registered to submit a bid. Bidders can register, find instructions and submit bids at:  
UNTIL 12:00 PM on Monday,
August 15th, 2022
at which time said bids will be compiled, reviewed and then later posted at  
Bidders may download Bid Documents from the Business Opportunities website and should frequently return to the site to monitor for project-specific updates and addenda.
Questions on this project or any part of the Contract Documents and other project documents must be sent via e-mail to by the established deadline. The deadline for questions is 12:00 PM local time on Monday August 8, 2022.
Work includes rehabilitating sanitary and combined gravity sewers using trenchless technology. The scope of work also includes cleaning and televising all sewer sections, reestablishing service lateral connections, and making various point repairs as required to facilitate lining.
The estimated cost of construction for this project is: $1,624,825.00
If a contract is awarded, it will be done so in accordance with the Contract Documents. The City reserves the right to reject any or all bids, to waive technicalities, or to advertise for new bids, if the best interests of the City will be promoted thereby.
Bids must be submitted in accordance with the Contract Documents and must be accompanied by the a bid bond, certified check, or letter of credit drawn on a solvent bank in an amount not less than ten percent (10%) of the bid amount, and in no event shall be less than five hundred dollars ($500.00). Bidder shall also submit a completed Correction Acknowledgment Form with the bid. In addition to other documents, after the Bid Opening and upon notification, the apparent lowest and best bidder will need to obtain proof of Workers Compensation coverage and a certificate of insurance within ten (10) business days, naming the City as the primary insured and the Hamilton County, Ohio Board of County Commissioners as an additional insured. See the Contract Documents, including but not limited to the Modified General Conditions, for further certificate of insurance requirements and limits of liability.
The established SBE Participation Goal for this project is: 2%. Bidder is required to complete and submit the SBE Goal Compliance Plan Cover Page with bid. If the SBE goal will not be met, the bidder shall also complete and submit the Waiver Request Form and Affidavit, and the SBE Subcontractors Good Faith Efforts (GFE) Summary Sheets with the bid. To be eligible for award of a contract or procurement when the SBE goals will not be met, the bidder must complete all SBE Subcontractors GFE Summary Sheets to support the Waiver Request Form and Affidavit areas checked. Failure to complete and submit required documentation may cause a bid to be rejected as non-responsive.
All bidders will also be subject to the provisions of the Contract Compliance Program regarding equal employment opportunity and to the project’s applicable labor wage rate.
The City maintains a list of Vendors Debarred from Contracting or Subcontracting with the City may be accessed at: or may be furnished in other form upon request. The City will not contract with any person or firm on the list. It is each Bidder’s responsibility to verify that each subcontractor it proposes to use is an eligible firm or person. The City will not approve a subcontractor whose name appears on the list.
The City shall neither accept nor be liable for any increase in costs, or other expenses, delay, loss, or subsequent ineligibility to contract with the City, incurred by a contractor as a result of the City rejecting any proposed person, firm, partner, principal, affiliate, subcontractor or supplier that is debarred or suspended after the submission of a bid, proposal, or other communication leading to a contract, but before the approval or award of the contract.
Cincinnati, Ohio. July 28, 2022.
Sealed quotes will be received by the Board of Park Commissioners of the Great Parks of Hamilton County at the Winton Centre, 10245 Winton Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45231 for IT infrastructure equipment (SAN components, servers, switches) as specified in the documentation on our website. The bid must be in a sealed envelope and clearly designated on the outside of the envelope with the project name. Legal advertisement may be viewed at the Great Parks of Hamilton County’s website
Bids shall be opened at 1:00PM on August 11, 2022.  
For further information contact:
Laurie Bell, Director of Information Technology
10245 Winton Road
Cincinnati, OH 45231
(513) 728-3563
The Great Parks of Hamilton County reserves the right to reject any and all bids.
Advertise: July 28, 2022 Cincinnati Court Index
Open: August 11, 2022
Cincinnati, Ohio. July 28, 2022.
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