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Volume 127, Number 193

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Bid Advertisements

Print February 1, 2019 Bid Advertisements
Sealed bids will be received in the office of the Village Administrator of the Village of Glendale, Ohio, 30 Village Square, Glendale, Ohio by February 25, 2019 – 10:30 a.m. for the:
Sealed proposals will be received at the office of the Village Administrator, of the Village of Glendale, Ohio; 30 Village Square, Glendale, Ohio 45246, until 10:30 AM local time on February 25, 2019 for furnishing all labor, materials, and equipment necessary to complete project and, at said time and place, publicly opened and read aloud. The project involves the replacement of an existing bridge and parts of the upstream and downstream retaining walls, as necessary, to construct a new vehicular and pedestrian bridge, including the adjacent roadway approach pavement of the Sharon Road Bridge.
Contract documents, which include additional details of the Project, are on file and available from You may download the digital plan documents for $15 by going to and clicking on “Project Bid Information” on the bottom, right-hand side of the page, or by inputting Quest project #6105443 on the website’s project Search page. Please contact at 952-233-1632 or for assistance in free membership registration, downloading, and working with this digital project information.
Paper copies of the contract documents may be obtained from The Kleingers Group, 6305 Centre Park Drive, West Chester OH 45069 for $50.00 per set; plans requested by mail will be an additional $15.00 (non-refundable) per set. Checks shall be made payable to The Kleingers Group.
Pursuant to Section 153.54, et. Seg. of the Ohio Revised Code, the bidder shall submit a Bid Guaranty in the form of either:
a. A bond for the full amount of the bid; OR
b. A certified check, cashier’s check or letter of credit pursuant to Chapter 1305 of the Ohio Revised Code, in the amount of ten (10) percent of the  bid.
The successful bidder must replace the bid guaranty with a one-hundred percent Performance Bond upon award of the bid.
Each bidder must ensure that all employees and applicants for employment are not discriminated against because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, or national origin.
The contractor shall pay wages to laborers and mechanics at a rate not less than the minimum wages in accordance with the Prevailing Wage Schedules published by the Ohio Bureau of Employment Services schedule effective during the period of the Contract as provided for in Section 4115.16 of the Ohio Revised Code.
Bids shall be sealed and addressed to:
Mr. Walter Cordes
Village of Glendale
30 Village Square
Glendale, Ohio 45246
And marked
No bidder may withdraw his bid within sixty (60) days of the actual date of the bid opening thereof. The Board of Control reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive any irregularities of bids should the same be the advantage of the Village.
Cincinnati, Ohio. February 1, 2019.
Feb 1-8-15
Service of Notice by Publication
In the matter of the dependency, neglect and/or abuse of Isabella Marie Sears, a juvenile. John Doe, last known address Cincinnati, OH, Alleged Father of above mentioned child, will take notice that a complaint has been filed in the Court of Common Pleas, Hamilton County, Ohio, Juvenile Division, alleging that said juvenile is dependent, neglected and/or abused and containing a prayer or request for Motion Seeking Permanent Custody; that said complaint will be for hearing before said Court in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio, on February 13, 2019 at 8:30 A.M., at Juvenile Court, 800 Broadway, 6th Floor, Cincinnati, Ohio, and John Doe, Alleged Father is ordered to appear before said Court on said date and answer the allegations of the complaint.
You are hereby notified that: any party is entitled to a lawyer in all proceedings in Juvenile Court. If a party cannot afford a lawyer and meets certain requirements, the Court will appoint one upon request. If you wish to have a lawyer but believe you cannot afford one, call CORA DAY at Juvenile Court at 946-9441, between the hours of 8:30 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. Monday through Friday.
An adjudication of dependency, neglect and/or abuse may result in an order of PROTECTIVE SUPERVISION, which permits the child to remain in the parent’s physical and legal custody subject to any conditions and limitations the court prescribes; or if the complaint contains a prayer for PERMANENT COMMITMENT, may result in the granting of permanent custody, which permanently takes from the parent all parental rights, duties, privileges, and obligations, including the right to consent to an adoption of the child; or, if the complaint contains a prayer for PLANNED PERMANENT LIVING ARRANGEMENT, may result in the issuance of an order for long term foster care, which will cause removal of the child from the parent’s physical and legal custody without a plan to return the child, but also without permanently terminating parental rights; or, if the complaint contains a prayer for TEMPORARY COMMITMENT, may result in an order of temporary custody, which will cause removal of the child from the parent’s physical and legal custody until the court terminates the order or permanently divests the parent(s) of parental rights.
Witness my hand and seal of the court on this 30th day of January, 2019.
Deputy Clerk
Cincinnati, Ohio. February 1, 2019.
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